Hi! I’m Tessa and I am Lara’s mom.

I had the idea for MAMsterdam when Lara was very little. I wanted to give other moms in Amsterdam tips on baby friendly places in the city. But back then I was very, very busy and had my hands full. I discovered there are many sites out there, and one of them already offers pretty much the same idea I had.

But I still missed writing and sharing my views on motherhood so I decided to set it up as a blog. Here I will share whatever comes to my mind and has a tiny bit to do with being a mom in Amsterdam. I will talking about all sorts of different things, like the fact that I discovered a natural health supplement that I have been taking that has been working great for me so far. I’ll elaborate further in a specific blog post for it for sure but in the meantime, go here if you would like to learn more about it for yourself.

Have any questions? Just e-mail me. tessacolauto[@]gmail.com