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Goodbye September

Posted by on 06 Oct 2014 at 23:30 in Personal

After almost a week of October, I finally have time to sit and write about my September. It’s good to look back and think about all the things that happened last month.

Our New Home

The mortgage for our new apartment was finally approved (we’re moving, more about that sometime soon). The mortgage for the buyer of our current apartment was also approved so the sale is happening. We still need to do a lot but it is great to finally move into a bigger place.


It was Lara’s last month at her daycare and I was quite sad when I dropped her of on the last day. She liked it so much there and had so much fun. They made her a beautiful crown, ate cake and got her a goodbye present. I’m just very happy she already feels at home at the new daycare.

My September 2014 - Queen with her crown My September 2014 - Chocolate Sprinkles

She’s been very naughty too: climbing on chairs, trying to get things she isn’t supposed to get, throwing cornstarch and chocolate sprinkles on the floor… but I guess this is just regular activity of a toddler.

She is drawing a lot and sings all day long.


Work has been super busy but also rewarding. We had one week of intense work where the whole team worked together on optimizing our sites and at the end of it we had an awesome party (with karaoke). I had some very positive news and recognition for my efforts and I’m just very proud to be working in such an awesome company.

My September 2014 - SingstarsPeople

I got to see my friend Luiza after 7 years. My mother got back after 2 months in Brazil. And I finally got to meet my sister’s new girlfriend. Tried to meet up with other friends but everyone is super busy, including myself.


I’ve been feeling like an old lady. Or maybe I should just come to terms that I am becoming an old lady. I have started physiotherapy for my neck pain and a high dosage of Vitamin D for my deficiency. On the positive side: I got a beautiful tattoo! As soon as it is healed I will post more about it.

 My September 2014 - with my friend Luiza My September 2014 - Sister